Monday, March 28, 2011

Protest: Auction of M F Husain's paintings by AstaGuru

Protest: Auction of M F Husain's paintings by AstaGuru: " is an online auction house and it has kept paintings by Anti-Hindu and Anti-National painter M F Husain on sale. All Hindus and patriotic Indians should protest lawfully against it."

1. Dnyanesh Maharao, the play-wright says in the beginning of the play that – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was not religious. He believed in humanity and believed in the principle that ‘all religions are equal; therefore, people still remember him.”

2. All religious people are cunning.

5. Maharaj asks his devotee to call Kubera when a person tells him about his financial problems. The devotee says that the Deity of wealth is Lakshmi. Maharaj says, “Lakshmi does not keep her promises; therefore, call up Kubera only.”

6. There is a sentence in the play that ‘The father of Gods is thief.”

7. One devotee asks, “ When I perform ‘shraddha (post-death rites)’ because my father is dead; a crow flies to 3 windows and pecks in the food. That means how many affairs did my father have?”

9. There is a statement that “Politicians’s step is like the step of Namdev.”

10. A person is looking at a woman in indecent manner when recitation of ‘Ghalin Lotangan…’ is going on.

11. When devotional songs by Saint Tukaram are sung, the men and women are indulging in some pranks.