Monday, March 28, 2011

Stop grave denigration of Sriram and Sita on FACEBOOK

Stop grave denigration of Sriram and Sita on FACEBOOK: "A page has been created by some miscreants on Facebook on which Hindu gods and goddesses are denigrated in a most malicious manner. It is duty of all Hindus to protest against it, so that Facebook will remove defamatory page."

It is high time all ardent Hindus registered protest with Facebook management and ask it to delete the page. As per the procedure, when maximum number of protests are received by Facebook management, it removes the page.

The Hindus should use the following links to request Facebook to remove the page :

1) Go to

2) Click on 'Report page' option which is on the left side.

3) Click on 'Contains hate speech or attacks on individual'.

4) Click on 'targets a religious group'.

5) Click on 'Submit'