Monday, January 25, 2010

Organiser - Enough is enough! Stop looting! Don’t try patience of Hindus

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    • Enough is enough! Stop looting!
      Don’t try patience of Hindus
    • By Dr Pravin Togadia
    • When STs convert and join the Christian community, they start enjoying privileges like biggest hospitals, convent schools and special colleges. They are even sent abroad for education! How can such a privileged lot be called underprivileged, and be given double benefits? When it comes to looting Hindus and snatching Hindu SCs’, OBCs’ and STs’ benefits, suddenly Muslims and Christians say, "Caste is a social reality and by changing religion it does not go away."
    • Why Muslims and Christians dare to behave undemocratically in Bharat and yet get away with it? It is because of the vote-bank politics. Hindus, who were hoarded out of PoK at the time of Partition, have yet not been given Indian citizenship by the great Indian government. It is more than 62 years now! But those Muslims who ‘invaded’ Assam and Bengal as refugees from Bangladesh are now occupying huge lands snatched from local Hindu tribes and have their voter IDs! All this is a political drama and Hindus are made out to be puppets in the Indian political opera. Sachar Committee or Ranganath Commission is not the beginning or the end!
    • Muslims ruled this nation for over 400 years and Christians ruled this nation for 250 years. Apart from breaking and looting various rich temples all over Bharat, Muslim rulers slapped jazia on Bharat and fleeced Hindus dry. Although their administrative rule withered away from Bharat, Islam did not go away; instead it crept into various aspects and systems in Bharat in such a way that today Islam is taking and further demanding a huge slice of the Indian pie, which has been created by Hindus through their conscientious hard work and hard-earned money.
    • Even if some of them were forced to convert to Islam, ultimately as a part of Islam, the rulers gave them all benefits from jobs in military to lands to status. So, Muslims in Bharat are the beneficiaries of the ruler privileges and yet are now claiming to be underprivileged! This must be the first case in the history of the world that those who ruled the nation are pretending to be underprivileged and poor after looting the original people of that nation!

      Similar is the case with Christians. Through East India Company they entered Bharat. They too militarily ruled Bharat, slapped various taxes, looted the then kings and again fleeced Bharat dry. East India Company had directly been giving money officially since 1811 for conversion of Hindus to Christianity. British, Portuguese, Dutch and French left Bharat but after completely looting Bharat and leaving behind large missionary groups, which have huge funds available to run their big number of hospitals and schools that have been directly and indirectly used to lure and convert Hindus to create a brigade to again snatch a large chunk of the remaining Indian pie.
    • And why Muslims and Christians dare to behave in such a way today? In any democracy, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender and religion people should be treated equally. But there is an anti-Hindu contradiction in Bharat’s Constitution itself. Instead of the true form of equality, Articles 25 to 30 give more privileges to minorities than that to the majority treating Bharat as an animal farm where some are more equal than others! Why does the Constitution do so? Because it believes that these are the injusticed classes. This is the real logical and historical fallacy. Historically though, in Bharat, Hindus were the most injusticed lot being looted and subjugated by first Muslim and then by Christian invader rulers. So even if one agrees that the traditionally injusticed ones should get reservations, then it should be Hindus in Bharat who were poor pay to invasions after invasions and also of the cruelest ever rulers like Khilji, Aurangzeb, Lord Curzon and so on. Under Islamic and Christian rules Hindu was the most politically, economically and socially oppressed, obstructed, deprived and harassed class.
    • n Kerala literacy of Muslims is higher than that of Hindus but the rate of vasectomy and tubectomy is lower than that of Hindus. So, if Muslims claim that they are poor and illiterate therefore their women produce more children, then it is humbug. They do it in the name of religion to systematically increase Muslim population in Bharat so that they get more strength socially as they did in Indonesia, Malaysia and in many other countries.

      Recently Jamait-e-Ulema-e-Hind’s Moulana Madni bragged on a TV channel, "Don’t call us minority; we are the second largest majority in India." Here is the catch. All they are aiming at is increasing their population so much that Hindus finally become a minority and Muslims once again start ruling Bharat through majority power.

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