Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Organiser - Sinister, Treasonous Conspiracy

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    • Sinister, Treasonous Conspiracy
    • By Dr Gautam Sen
    • American churches also work closely with the US government intelligence community, which regards religious conversion as a useful lever to influence polities like India. US church businesses have entered Iraq, Afghanistan and every troubled country the US has invaded. It goes without saying that most of the ordinary Christians cynically used by the corporate owners of various churches for evangelical work are perfectly sincere and imagine they are undertaking the work of Christ, the saviour. They are capable for sacrifice and suffering in much the way individual soldiers can be motivated to sacrifice their lives in destructive imperialist wars waged by venal politicians. As a corollary, it needs to be remembered that most Indian Christian churches and India’s most influential Catholic devotee all opposed its acquisition of nuclear weapons.
    • (The author taught international political economy at London School of Economics.)

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