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Organiser - Truth about Ranganath Misra report

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    • Truth about Ranganath Misra report
    • By Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS (Retd.)
    • In the not too-distant past, our former colonial rulers, both the British and the Muslims, had consistently followed the strategy enshrined in the Roman maxim, divide et impera, to tighten their political stranglehold over India. The Mughals successfully divided the Hindus and induced many warriors of the Rajput community and powerful landlords to break ranks with their brethren and join the alien conquerors for leading campaigns in several parts of the country against Hindu rulers who refused to surrender to the Mughals and stood up for protection of their dharma and their people.

      Similarly the British were able to create a class of ‘toadies’ (whom they disparagingly called ‘natives’), for utilising their services as pillars of support for the British empire. Surprisingly the Congress Party, which at one time swore by the unity of the Indian people, has gone far beyond what the British and the Mughals did. It has strategised a far worse policy of ‘divide and destroy’ by recourse to the politics of minorityism.

      Improving upon what V.P. Singh did in the year 1990 to create fissures in the Hindu society by implementing the recommendations of Mandal Commission, the Congress led UPA has embarked on a devious programme of minority appeasement in flagrant violation of the Constitution. The sole aim of the ruling political dispensation is to strengthen their Muslim and Christian votebank by dividing the Hindus and thereby destroy the unity of the majority community.
    • The NCAER survey further revealed that on an average a Muslim household, at the national level, spent more than its Hindu counterpart, the quantum of annual expenditure being Rs. 40,327 for the Muslims as against Rs. 40,009 for the Hindus.4 The survey revealed that both Sikhs and Christians were way ahead of Hindus. The average Sikh household spent a whopping Rs. 60,475 per annum, while the average Christian household expenditure per annum was Rs. 45,291.5 The NCAER survey confirmed that at the national level, Hindu and Muslim households virtually mirror each other on ownership of a host of products, e.g., cars, two-wheelers, refrigerators, etc.6 The only oddity was the ownership of television, with Hindu ownership at 62.8 percent and Muslim ownership at 54 percent. Could it be due to the diktats of anti-television Mullahs ? Your guess is as good as mine.

      The foregoing facts, based on data-supported empirical findings of two surveys fly in the face of the falsehood peddled by Ranganath Misra Report. In any case, it is patently preposterous to claim that Muslims are the most disadvantaged community. In fact, the boot is on the other leg. It is the Hindu community which is in a more disadvantaged position.
    • Unfortunately in 2007, the Hindu leaders failed to rise to the occasion because none of them cared to read the voluminous report, cleverly written by Justice Sachar. It is a pity that the parliamentarians representing the Hindus could not even detect a highly questionable subtle fraud, foisted by the then Minister for Minority Affairs, A R Antulay, at the time of presenting the Action Taken Report on Sachar Report in the Lok Sabha on August 31, 2007.
    • (The writer is a retired DGP and has written a number of books on national security.)

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