Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tarun Vijay: Second flag of the Republic

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    • Tarun Vijay
    • And here is another flag. We hardly know about it. An ugly piece that has to be displayed on the bonnets of the Ambassador cars the governor, chief minister or even the Union Home Minister and Prime Minister uses to negotiate a Kashmir road. Suddenly there are two flags, wo people, two lands. And still one republic? Ask Justice Sagheer Ahmad and hear'give more autonomy to J&K' call.More, still more autonomy for what?

      A seperate flag and wanting to be more seperate?

      Oh my god. Whose flag is this any way? They say its Kashmir flag.The Red reminds you of some communist touch, so naturally interwoven. So why don’t our rulers hoist it too in the republic day parade in New Delhi?

      A bit red faced,they say it’s just for Kashmir.

      So why not Bihar and Uttarakhand and Punjab and please, Tamilnadu too have their seperate flags?

      They say Kashmir is special and other states are NOT.


      Why not every state in India is special?

      Why not every Indian citizen is equally special?
    • There is a provision in the Indian constitution that gives it that special status.And bars the soldiers , who give their life to protect the region, to buy or to get settled down there.The special provision in our constitution, the constitution we are celebrating on 26th January,is called article 370.

      It says we are not authorised to be a citizen of Kashmir. But we are Indian citizens.
    • May I reproduce some extracts from the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir? It has a separate identity from the Indian constitution and no law that Indian Parliament passes is applied in J&K unless the J&K assembly passes it too and it has the right to overrule Indian parliament and amend or change the contents of the laws passed by the parliament situated at New Delhi.
    • On April 7, 1958 the Plebiscite Front of Sheikh Abdullah adopted a resolution specifically citing Article 370, and stated that : “Jammu and Kashmir state has not yet acceded to any of the two dominions, India and Pakistan. Therefore, it will not be right to call Pakistani invasion on Jammu and Kashmir as an attack on India.” Using Article 370 Kashmiri Muslim leaders have opposed any family planning and welfare schemes formulated by the Government of India, and the programme was implemented only in the Hindu majority Jammu. The former Chief Minister, G.M. Shah, had said that the aim of the Government family planning programme was to convert the Muslim majority into a minority.

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