Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jihadi Terrorism: Ridiculous Explanations, Complex Solutions

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    • By Dr. Babu Suseelan
    • Breaking through the Islamic closed system

      Communist societies used control mechanisms to maintain closed systems. But it collapsed under tremendous covert and overt pressure from democratic nations. They were forced to accept social evolution, democracy and individual freedom and the closed Communist system lost its equilibrium. But Islam, an imperialist dogma masked in religious phraseology is a hard nut to crack.
    • We need to introduce programs for Thinking For A Change and split terrorist gangs and cliques. Devise psychological techniques and emotional programs to induce fear, guilt, remorse and shame among Muslims. And eventually we have to give the ultimate ultimatum “you have to change or you will forced to be free”. Coercive or negative reinforcement techniques and effective paradigm breaking programming shall have positive effect on modifying cognitive and behavior processes.

      The cognitive programming, which disrupts criminal thinking, thinking errors, and dogmatic systems must by steadily reinforced through education, media and propaganda. The goal is to send a liberating message, mind altering ideas, not through appeasement, negotiation or discussion, but through overt and covert dialogue to strongly pursue an agenda to break through the closed, dogmatic mindset of jihad Muslims.

      Long-term strategies shall include restructuring or destroying the closed ideology of fundamentalist Islam, anti-social attitudes, values, and beliefs. We need an integrated approach to break pro-terrorist association, target criminogenic risk, crimnogenic logic using reward and punishment. Jihad Muslims shall be changed and re-socialized with a forceful, balanced approach utilizing psychological warfare, social learning techniques and propaganda. The value of psycho, social, cognitive strategies extend well beyond the military methods and it can be applied successfully in several settings.
    • The challenge before us is to translate all available means, legal, military, economic, political, social and psychological strategies to eliminate terrorism once for all.