Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Goa govt falsely implicating us on terror charge': Rediff.com India News

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    • Abhay Vartak, convenor of the Sanstha, says that their approach towards issues is what has put them in this situation.
    • Your organisation is very Maharashtra centric. What is this connection with Goa?

      The organisation has always been active in Goa. We have doing our work there too.

      However, the Sanstha sprung into the limelight when it raised its voice against the demolition of temples and desecration of idols in Goa. Idols in at least 30 temples were desecrated in the past two years and the Sanstha has been staging protests.

      The Goa government was under a lot of pressure to act. However they did not make a single arrest. The Goa government realised that the best way to shut our voices was by falsely implicating us in a case of terrorism. This is exactly what happened in the aftermath of the Margao blasts.
    • The police have said that the Nishaad Bakhale, one of the accused in the case, is associated with the Sanstha. The name of Yogesh Naik, a member of the Sanstha, who was injured in the blast and died on Tuesday, also crops up…

      Nishaad Bakhale is not at all associated with the Sanatan Sanstha. The media has been constantly stating that the owner of the scooter is the sadhak (follower) of Sanatan Sanstha. But, in fact, Bakhale is neither our sadhak nor is there any relation between the two. Yogesh Naik used to come to Sanatan's ashram to deliver milk and his linkage with the organisation is limited to this extent only.

    • The truth is that our organisation does not believe in terrorism. We only raise our voice against injustice and do not resort to violence.