Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Incident of Barbaric Islamic Cruelty | Faith Freedom International

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    • Interrogation further revealed that Mhiuddin at first strangled Razia with her scarf and then he tried to sever her head with the kitchen knife. But failing to do so, with the fragile kitchen knife, he finally put his left foot on Razia’s chest, caught hold of her hair and tore the head off from her body.
    • It is more necessary to investigate why only Muslims are seen to commit such horrible acts of brutality? The present author is fully convinced that it is the creed of Islam that inspires the Muslims to commit such horrid acts of violence. Islam has originated in Arabia where, still today, pastoral life-style persists.
    • For an individual in a pastoral society, meat is a staple food and hence killing animals and letting blood is a daily routine matter. This pastoral cruelty is overwhelmingly reflected in the Koran, where Allah asks the Muslims to mount such cruelties on the kafirs. Moreover, Allah himself scares the kafirs with various types of extremely cruel punishments in hell. As a follow up, one finds the Muslim rulers in India resorted to punish the kafirs with horribly cruel acts during the Muslim rule that continued for nearly 700 years in this country. One may recall that by the order of Aurangzib, three disciples of Guru Govind Singh were murdered with extreme cruelty. Bhai Moti Dass was sawed alive like a log, Bhai Dyala was boiled alive and another disciple was burnt alive. Firstly he was wrapped with cotton and linen, soaked the cotton with oil and then setting it to fire.
    • There were people who could invent newer kind of cruelties like flaying a child in front of a mother, flaying the husband in front of his wife and force her eat the flesh of her husband, cutting a child into pieces on his or her mother’s lap and so on.
    • The Prophet Mohammad, in his life time, had taught his followers many such pastoral brutalities and it will be relevant to narrate one of them in the present context. In one occasion eight people, belonging to the Ukl clan, came to Medina and embraced Islam and hence became very dear to Mohammad. But the climate of Medina did not suit them and hence they fell ill. Mohammad prescribed camel-milk as food and camel-urine as medicine for the recovery and hence they were shifted to stable of camels. Within a short time, they recovered from their illness. But after that they committed an unpardonable crime. They murdered the stable keeper, fled with the camels and deserted Islam. They were soon captured by Mohammad’s men and brought to Medina .
    • They committed three very serious crimes. Firstly, they murdered the stable keeper. Secondly, they stole the camels of the stable. And thirdly, they abandoned Islam. The first and the third crime deserved death sentence, while the second crime was enough to chop their right hands off. Mohammad decided to punish them with exemplary punishments and that too by his own hands. He took two iron rods, made them red hot and then pushed the rods into the eyes of the victims. Then he chopped the limbs of the victims off and kept them lying on the hot sand under mid-day sun with the faces up. Within a couple of hours, all the eight victims died. If the Prophet could have exhibited such examples of cruelty, what can one expect from his followers? The most important part of the episode is that, Muslims around the world quickly pick up this pastoral cruelty, after conversion to Islam, through Koran and Hadiths, and the teachings of the Imams of the mosques. And it is needless to say that Islam has instilled the said pastoral cruelty into Mohiuddin of Moukhali village in West Bengal .