Sunday, October 18, 2009

Incognito thoughts: Ahimsa Dharma

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    • Tolerance of the intolerable is adharma.
    • When a person subjects himself to be beaten up by another, in the belief that such act will cause the other to feel guilty and withdraw, this person does three wrong things.
    • All three points are against the message of the gita, mahabharata, ramayana and the 'traditional indian culture' which exhorts people to uphold dharma, to live peaceful life in consonance with Nature, not indulging in violent acts with selfish purpose, and to actualise karma without seeking fruits thereof.
    • Gandhi's exhortion to accept indignities without demur is on the lines of "show the other cheek" phrase attributed to christ.
      That he was comprehensively influenced by church and bible is evident upon reading his collected works(CWMG).

      His public claims of following the gita and Sri Rama are incongruent with his actual actions and exhortions.
    • Gandhi on retrospection turns out to be a product of those times, a result of missionary influenced education system that de-valued indian culture and values, which caused many such 'educated' people to be influenced by christian ideas and western propaganda. Such people, deracinated, were unable to appreciate indian culture, unable to understand spirituality, which is the main theme of indian culture.
    • The result is for all to see.

      When China does border intrusion, India finds virtue in 'ahimsa'.

      When Pakistan sends armed merceneries to kill indian civilians, India seeks virtue in 'restraint' and 'talks'.
    • Gandhi is rightfully called 'father of the nation'. That is actually an indictment considering the state of the nation and that of its citizens, who cannot understand dharma let alone the need to uphold it.