Tuesday, April 12, 2011

VivekaJyoti: Insidious yet definitive anti-Hindu stance in NCERT History and Social Science and Political life text Books



I went over to the NCERT site and perused through some of their history and social science & political life textbooks. If I remember correctly, they have been thoroughly changed and revised under late Arjun Singh during UPA 1.0. Even on a very brief perusal, I could see a insidious yet definitive anti-Hindu stance. While social evils in Hindu society are thoroughly discussed and used to insidiously demean Hinduism in both subjects, there is no mention of any negatives of Islam and Christianity.

In the 6th std. social science & political life textbook, the "St. Thomas in Kerala" myth is outrageously mentioned as a historical truth. In the 7th std. textbook of the same subject, from outright Israel bashing in the first chapter to laying the groundwork for evangelism by surreptitiously justifying it as "secularist", in the 2nd chapter, it is as bad as it can get. I had been through NCERT textbooks as a student years ago, but these new versions are in a different league altogether. They actually make the older versions look good. After being fed the propaganda of these new textbooks future generations will turn out even more disconnected from their dhArmika roots...