Friday, September 18, 2009

Indian Perspective: ‘Secular’ Congress or ‘Communal, Anti-national’ Congress?

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    • The Congress Party claims to be a ‘secular’ party. The party president Ms. Sonia Gandhi and PM Dr. Manmohan Singh have repeatedly stated that Congress is a ‘secular’ party to the core.


      The dictionary meaning of ‘secular’ is: ‘not pertaining to or connected with religion’.


      Let us look at some of the allies of the ‘secular’ Congress:

      1. Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in Kerala – a Muslim party

      2. Kerala Congress (Mani) [KC(M)] in Kerala – a Christian party

      3. All India Majlis e-Itaahid al-Muslimin (MIM) in Andhra Pradesh – a Muslim party.

      Among these 3 parties, the two Muslim parties are exclusively Islamic in their outlook and membership. How could these parties be called ‘secular’? Can the Congress justify its alliance with these parties?

    • IUML is the new arm of erstwhile Muslim League which partitioned the nation on the basis of religion. The Muslims of North Kerala were staunch supporters of Muslim League in the pre-independence era and had also showed their beastly nature by killing thousands of Hindus during the Moplah rebellion. Post-independence, the community has been supporting IUML.
    • MIM is even more radical. It was a party which opposed the integration of Hyderabad with India. It was the party which organised Razakars who went about killing thousands of Hindus to maintain the ‘Islamic’ State of Hyderabad.
    • Thus, we see that Congress is allied not only with three ‘communal’ parties but also, two ‘anti-national’ parties. Still, it dares to call itself has ‘secular’ (or perhaps they mean ‘sickular’).
    • The current Congress leadership does not appear to care about the integrity of the country. This party’s leadership accepted to a partition of India. How can we be sure that they will not do so once again just to remain in power? After all, the support given by this treacherous party to the various successor parties of the anti-national Islamic parties and the way they encourage illegal infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into Assam and West Bengal does show the true philosophy of the party leadership which is ‘anything shall be done to remain in power’. It is lead by power-mongers who do not care about the nation a single bit.