Friday, September 18, 2009

Great news! Hindus will no longer be asked to pay money to Christians to build churches « Indian Realist

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    • In an allegedly secular country, churches were going to be built by government’s tax revenue! This is how Congress hides its anti-Hinduism under the shroud of phoney secularism.
    • Thankfully, the court stepped in to save Hindus from the consequences of their political blindness and ignorance about what is happening outside their day to day life.
    • The bench of Chief Justice Anil R Dave and Justice C V Nagarjuna Reddy was hearing a writ petition filed by Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary complaining that the state government was engaging itself in the promotion of a religion contrary to court injunctions. He listed 49 GOs, placing 150 Christian institutions as beneficiaries of state aid.
    • The petitioner had earlier filed a writ challenging the action of the government in granting funds for Christian pilgrimage. A two-member bench by an order dated July 22 had suspended the GO granting such allowances. 
    • The problem is that unlike the Jews, the Hindus don’t sue enough for attacks on their faith and traditions and use thier tax money to create an army of anti-Hindus in their own country. Sue the bastards, is my advice to the Hindus. It is a cheap and efficient way to cook the goose of these Congress thugs and left-liberal mafia.

      By the way, the brainchild of this “build churches by government money” scheme was that soon-to-be-sainted goon of AP, YSR.