Monday, August 31, 2009

Islamists on conversion campaign: Over 4000 girls converted - Conversions |

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    • Kochi (Kerela):
    • Islamists in Kerala (state in India with large size of Muslims) have launched an organised campaign for converting girls belonging to other religions into Islam. Police believe that Islamist organisation NDF (presently Popular Front of India) and its student outfit Campus Front could be behind this campus-based campaign. An investigation is presently on into the matter on the instructions of the Kerala High Court.
    • The police are now in the process of verifying the reports that some Hindu organisations are preparing to counter the Islamists’ designs. A report regarding this would be submitted in the High Court early next month.
    • However, sources in the police refused to confirm reports regarding an Islamic group specialising in luring young girls for converting into Islam. Reports had appeared in a section of the media in January last that religious Romeos had converted more than 4,000 girls through such designs.