Saturday, October 31, 2009

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    • After the runaway success of  attack on Pub in Mangalore, the Sri Rama Sene has announced that it will take up a campaign entitled Beti Bachao which is directed against the Love Jihad of Islamic terrorists. 

      Senes Chief in the state Mr. Pramod Muthalik has stated that, the Islamic terrorists have begun a dangerous game of looting Hindu girls forcing them into conversion and marriage to Muslim youths and divorce them later, he said divorcing was easy for them as they have to utter only three words. This terrorist method was directed against Hindu community with a specific intention of divesting the Hindu youths from their share of females. The ultimate idea was to bring down the population of Hindus and increase the Muslim population in the country.

    • The Beti Bachao (save daughters) campaign will protect the Hindu girls from being used by the Islamic terrorists. Over 25,000 youths have been trained by the Sene and deployed in various places in different cities in Karnataka. These places have been chosen with care. A group of Hindu youths trained in self defence and resisting at least 4 Muslim youths in a combative situation in places like Caf Coffee Day, picnic places, Hostels, Call centres, Ice Cream parlours, Bus Stands and parks. Special squads will also scour the roads in every city he adds.
    • A few cities like Mangalore, Udupi, Chikmagalur, Shimoga, Karwar, Kasargod and Belgaum will be targeted for Beti Bachao campaign. In Bangalore a wider implication of the campaign will be launched he added.