Monday, October 19, 2009

Organiser - Togadia Speak - What really is ‘vulgar’ Mr. Khurshid?

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    • Togadia Speak

      What really is ‘vulgar’ Mr. Khurshid?
    • Dr Pravin Togadia
    • The salaries paid to anyone in the public limited companies are already approved by shareholders and they are a part of annual report of the company which is sent to all shareholders. Issue is that CEOs’ salaries are a public knowledge; is the same case with Salman Khurshid? Why is Khurshid jealous of hardworking CEOs?
    • it is not CEOs salaries that are vulgar, Mr. Khurshid, your conspiracy to unsettle Bharat’s economy is vulgar.
    • “Tell me Doctor, what is vulgar? Is working hard vulgar? Is honestly contributing 40 per cent of the income to the nation’s Income Tax vulgar? Is doing MBA, engineering in IIT vulgar? After many years of struggle honestly building up a profit making company that can give stake holders excellent returns vulgar? Or, without contributing much to the nation’s income, keeping on self-pitying as ‘me victim of majority’ demanding money to jobs and educational seats to bank loans almost free vulgar? Isn’t producing unlimited number of children in the name of religion and expecting nation’s honest tax payers to sponsor their lives vulgar?”
    • “CEOs of the companies get vulgar salaries. Vulgarity is nobody’s fundamental right in this country.” This was the comment made by Union Minister of Bharat (He will not like to hear it as Bharat, he may even say it is vulgar!) for Corporate Affairs Salman Khurshid.
    • Perhaps Khurshid took his lessons on vulgarity from Hussein. But I am wrong. Khurshids, Hussains, Barak Hussein Obamas do not need lessons on vulgarity from anyone! 1400 years they have been inheriting it.
    • Union Government collects approx 4,00,000 Crore tax every year and 75 per cent of it is contributed by corporates and professionals, Khurshid calls this money vulgar!
    • Why is Khurshid jealous of hardworking CEOs? Is he really concerned of the poor in this country who do not get even a meal a day? Does he know that Rs 60 per kg onion hurts the poor and not taking note of it is Vulgar, Mr. Khurshid!
    • Be it charity hospitals, tribal schools, orphanages, helping physically and mentally challenged, creating self help groups for village women…The list of corporate contribution projects is unending. Unless CEOs wish to do them, these projects do not happen. Yet Mr. Khurshid has an audacity to term their money vulgar!
    • It is time for Bharat to wake up and ask questions through RTI and through votes about how much income tax was paid by such unlimited children producing machines and how much of honest tax paying majority’s money they gobbled up for their reservations and other benefits? How much was given to Aligarh Muslim University and from where the money came? Where did the 15 per cent Jaqat go which is compulsorily paid by each Khurshid, Ahmed and Shakil to their mosques? Why wasn’t that money used for their development? Why CEO tax money? Why professional’s tax money for them? This discrimination is vulgar.
    • (The writer is a renowned cancer surgeon and secretary general of VHP. He can be contacted on