Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shadow Warrior: what works against terrorists: Israeli tactics - Decapitation not

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    • Against terrorism "police action" is just not going to cut it - what
      works is "decapitation". Israel has always understood it and US has
      recently learned it as revealed by the statistics at
    • Wonder when India will learn this lesson w.r.t both Maoists and Islamists?
    • No Credit Where Credit Is Due
    • For political, diplomatic and anti-Semitic
      reasons, it's not likely that the Israelis will get the credit they
      deserve for the defeat of Islamic terrorist groups throughout the
      world. But it was Israeli concepts and tactics that helped bring Iraq
      IED (roadside bomb) casualties down from a high of 84 a month in May
      of 2007, to a low of 9 in May of 2008.
    • Islamic nations tend to credit the United States (if they credit any
      foreigners at all) for these successful tactics. But it was Israel
      that pioneered this approach, and made it clear that it worked, and
    • What the terrorists really want is to avoid any more of the Israeli
      tactics that shut down their terrorist operations. This included going
      after terrorist leaders and technical specialists, and either
      capturing or (failing that) killing them. Raids and air attacks were
      made against buildings used by the terrorists, and tight security on
      Israelis borders were instituted. This last measure crushed the
      Palestinian economy, which put popular pressure on the terrorists to
      stop their attacks, and promise to keep it that way.
    • The Israelis also set up an increasingly effective intelligence system
      inside Palestinian territories. What the Israelis basically did was
      "take the war to the enemy." This is an application of the old maxim,
      "the best defense is a good offense." This particular war is still
      going on, but the Israelis only adopted their winning tactics in 2003
      and two years later the terrorists were rendered largely ineffective.