Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Advani: Petulant Patriarch

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    • Sandhya Jain
    • It detracts from a newspaper’s credibility if a lead writer claims that the BJP rose from two seats in 1984 (after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi) and captured power at the Centre in less than two decades because of AB Vajpayee - LK Advani. Any association of the BJP’s rise with personalities other than Sri Rama Lalla is intellectual dishonesty. It also pours water over the selfless exertions of millions of RSS workers and citizens who threw themselves wholeheartedly into the Janmabhoomi movement – which was cynically used by the Advani type of leaders to come to power.
    • No wonder coterie insider Sushma Swaraj called Rama Janmabhoomi an ‘encashed cheque’ – that is truly all that it meant to her crowd.
    • Today, more than ever before, Hindu society needs a political articulation of Hindu political goals. The persisting political failures of the BJP, particularly small but tenacious men like Advani who have failed to protect Hindus from the predations of Mosque and Church, have compelled Shri Bhagwat to stand alone in the public square, braving the missiles from all quarters.