Saturday, November 7, 2009

* VivekaJyoti *: Swami Ramdev chose to remain silent about the barbarous Islamic resolution against the singing of Vande Mataram.

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    • I view the political silence of Union Ministers P.Chidambaram and Sachin Pilot on the issue of Vande Mataram song as a shameless act of pseudo-secular Sonia Congress surrender to the anti-national forces who are hell bent on a further partition of India. Likewise I view the presence of Swami Ramdev as an act of religious surrender. He cannot hope to succeed with the Muslims in the cultural arena where even Mahatma Gandhi failed so disastrously.
    • I am not sure whether Swami Ramdev has sent any reply to Deivamuthu. In any case, Deivamuthu’s letter has left Swami Ramdev quite untouched. Swami Ramdev has attended the meeting at Deoband on 3 November 2009. Like a typical Congress politician he tried to dispel patently anti-Hindu Muslim misconceptions about yoga hen he said: “These yogas are like exercise to keep the body fit and do not violate any tenets of Islam since one is not required to recite any slokas”.