Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Pioneer >> Smell of English

    • Chandrabhan Prasad
    • Political scientist Prof Devesh Kapur has a theory — whenever and wherever the elite/middle classes withdraw using certain services, quality of those services fall. That has happened with primary education nationally. Due to a variety of reasons, but primarily due to the Mid-Day Meal Scheme, the middle class/upper Caste have withdrawn or are withdrawing their kids from Government-run primary schools.

      Primarily due to Caste prejudices, the upper Castes have withdrawn their kids from Government schools. In such schools, slates have been replaced by plates, and teaching has virtually ended in them. The social Ghettoisation of school education has begun.
    • Since teaching in Government primary school has collapsed, it is time that Dalit parents, mostly the poor who use services of Government schools, too should start withdrawing their kids from Government schools. Dalits, too, should choose the schools upper Caste are using for their kids. The question is: Can poor Dalits afford the ‘expensive’ private schools in villages and small towns?

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