Friday, February 25, 2011

Civil Society will Liberate Telangana , "City by City".

Civil Society will Liberate Telangana , "City by City".: "
Telangana Freedom Fighters To Fight On Lines Of Egypt & Libya.

Indian Government approach on Telangana issue is condemnable, not just that, they are stretching it to the fag end , almost to the breaking point . Until now I have given Sonia regime a benefit of doubt for the difficulties they are having over deep Scams & Scandals that were recently unearthed. But now any blind eye or a laid back attitude towards the Telangana will lead to an big civil explosion , and Armed Forces may not able to handle it. Its after effect will be too dangerous for the civil society . I wish my Telangana to go into History as an Epic of bravery and ultimate sacrifice and certainly not as region of violence and hatred .

A serious civil unrest is prevailing among the masses in Telangana region . A small spark can give rise to big rising of Egypt - Libya kind of revolution. Civil society has now armed itself with mistrust over Central and State governments handling of things. This situation may give arise to something called “Fog of War” , in which anger , hatred , suspicion will take rounds and rounds and in turn may target either Government establishment or soft target like Seema Andhra Settlers in Hyderabad. If my nightmare comes true , then soil of Telangana will be drenched in the BLOOD of anti-Telanganites . Then name of Telangana will be recorded in History with blood. Which is uncalled for and should be avoided at any cost. Telanganites can not be blamed for any such incidents, if ever happens .

When people of Telangana watch on Television screens, the repeatedly brutal attacks of police personnel on activists, it deeply hurts, and has not well taken by the peace lovers . What we see on screens are the incidents really happening on the streets of Osmania University Campus . This 'State' brutality (Rajya Himsa) is completely unacceptable and must be resisted, if not it will have dire consequences. The repeated abuses of Armed Forces and repression by government machinery will only fuel more unrest in the region . Consequences of such State brutality on their subjects will give rise to an bigger violent retaliation. This is exactly happening in Telangana region .

People have come together with closed fists and fighting with their chest high with bravery against the Armed Forces . Osmania University is an example of such bravery , thousands of police with head gear, arm guard, leg guard, batons, fiber shields were not able to contain the might of few hundred students . Hundreds of Tear gas shells are fired daily , dozens of rubber bullets are fired daily but still the armed forces have failed to take over students bastion . This is where we should learn our lessons , the more we brutalise the society , the more will be the rage of civil society.

No doubt , a big revolution is happening on the soil of Telangana . its just matter of time and this will be recognized by World Historians too and will be credited on par with Russian- French revolution . This revolution will change the course of Indian history as well . That day is not far away in Telangana, that a mass revolution like that of Egypt & Libya will unfold . Mark my words if Telangana announcement is further delayed , masses just like Libya and Egypt will turn up and will liberate “city after city” by force .

Yesterdays Warangal meet of “Laksha Ninadalu – Laksha Nivalulu” by its citizens has given enough signals that “City after City” will be forcefully taken away and no Armed Force would able to stop it . Even Tanks on roads or Air raids can never be able to contain this civil upsurge.

I was in Warangal last week , and there was no distant hint of such a big chunk of civil society marching to one point of the city for their noble cause . Just one small call by local JAC inspired almost a Lakh to march to the centre of City and lay siege the entire place all the day . Surprisingly women came in huge number , they came with “bonalu & bathukamma” over their heads , youth came along with banners, placards and flags . It turned unto look like a sea of humanity, and with one Lakh activist chanting slogans in one voice had an echo all over the city . This was just small exhibition of their might , which may come real in true sense of revolution, and may be replicated in every city . No government machinery can stand to that kind of up rise . Further, this march of forceful liberation by natives may spread to Hyderabad from all the corners of Telangana . Then none of us can guarantee the safety of Life and Properties of Seema-Andhra settlers , who by large are labeled as coverts .

My request to Seema –Andhraites is to come out of your shell, take a stand and convince the Plutocrats to recognize the sentiments, aspirations of 4 crore native Telanganites . Now the ball is in your court . We Telanganites are peace lovers , my appeal to all the stake holders of Andhra Pradesh bifurcation is please don’t make our hands soil in your blood. We waited for last 50 years , borne all your Insults and treachery, still we treat you as our own. Even in middle of this fierceful agitation , we umpteen times have exhibited our generous heart , not one Seema-Andhra settler was hurt . We bled ourselves, We braved state brutality , We committed suicides but never felt like hurting you. Kindly acknowledge this generosity, support Telangana formation and live along with us here after in the same camaraderie .

వరంగల్ లో తెలంగాణా కోసం ఏకమైన ప్రజలు ఈజిప్ట్, లిబియ దేశాల విప్లవాని గుర్తుకు తెచ్చాయి . లక్ష మంది ఒక్కటై పిడికిలు బిగించి 'జై తెలంగాణా ' అంటూ నినాదిస్తుంటే మరో విప్లవం ఏంటో దూరం లో లేదు అని అనిపిచ్చింది. జై తెలంగాణా నినాదం మార్మోగింది , గొంతులు ఒక్కటై నినాదిస్తుంటే , రహదారులు పిక్కటిల్లాయి. నది ప్రహవం వలె జనం అమర వీరుల స్తూపం వైపు సాగాయి, వేల గొంతుకలు లక్షలుగా మారి, ఒక్క చోటికి చేరి ఉద్యమ నినాదాలు చేసాయి, అమరులైన తెలంగాణా వీరులకు నివాళులు అరిపించాయి. బుదవారం వరంగల్ లో జర్గిన ' లక్ష నినాదాలు - లక్ష నివాళులు ' కార్యక్రమం తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్ర సాధన ఆకాంక్ష ను చాటాయి . ఈ కార్యక్రమం లో నగరం లోని అన్ని వర్గాలు పాల్గొన్నాయి . నగరం నదిఒడ్డున ఉన్న అమరవీరుల స్తూపం వద్ద కు చేరుకొని బ్యానర్లు , ప్లే కార్డు లు , జెండాలు ప్రదర్శించినారు . మహిళలు బోనాలు ,బతుకమ్మ ల తో పాల్గొన్నారు , యువకులు ఆట-పాటల తో అలరించినారు . మొత్తం మీద లక్ష మంది తరలి రావడం తెలంగాణా ఉద్యమానికి కొత్త రూపు ని ఇస్తునది .