Saturday, February 26, 2011

MIM, Dawood and The Maoists – The New Axis Plan of ISI

MIM, Dawood and The Maoists – The New Axis Plan of ISI: "Aron

Post partition, the opportunism and foregoing of secularity by Political Parties and their patronage and alliance had helped history come full circle- in the return of the Razakrs redressed in parties like MIM. Above the current leader and son of the grand patriarch of MIM who exploited this weakness of nationalist Congress leaders like Indira Gandhi who actively wooed and sponsored its ideologically separatist movement to take roots. The MIM is a remnant of the dreaded Razakars of Hyderabad State that started butchering Hindus and sought separation and annexation with Pakistan. The ideology, leadership and the roots of this so called Political Party functioning under the Indian Constitution are merely to take advantage of its benefits that could be passed on to the Radicals in the field. The mushrooming of such Islamist ‘democratic Parties' are not without its own Jihad rationale