Wednesday, February 23, 2011

outstanding WSJ editorial: "Beijing and the Arab Revolt", by Bret Stephens

outstanding WSJ editorial: "Beijing and the Arab Revolt", by Bret Stephens: "
feb 23rd, 2011 CE

the relevant paragraphs -- do these apply to any country/and or anti-national party/and or anti-national media we know, all of whom have been in a terrific hurry to steal at an astronomical pace?

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"Most ruling elites are aware that economic development will result in the emergence of powerful challengers to power and probably the loss of the political monopoly," writes Chinese American scholar Minxin Pei in his book "China's Trapped Transition." What follows is a bit dense, but worth reading carefully:

"Such a realization would prompt the agents of the regime to increase their discount rate for future income from the monopoly and, consequently, intensify their efforts to maximize current income while maintaining a high level of repression to deter challengers. In addition, the collapse of a foreign regime with similar characteristics may make fears of losing one's own power even more acute and real. The net effects of the combination of a growing sense of long-term insecurity and the demonstration effects of a fallen fellow autocracy may be those akin to a run on the bank, with agents rushing to cash in their political investments in the regime, quickening the collapse of the regime's authority."

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even though the quote is about china, i believe it applies absolutely to the pace of scams in india in the recent past.

the conclusion: the powers-that-be know that time is short, and so are making hay while the sun shines.

the time is short means one of two things:

a) the magic of Electronic Voting Machines is not going to carry over all the way into 2014


b) india as we know it is not going to exist for much longer. it will be in pieces -- such as maoland, mughalistan I, II, III, IV, etc., greater bangladesh, jesusstan I, II, III, dravidastan etc. but what me worry? i have my swiss bank account

i am inclined to think that it is, alas, b) that is more likely.