Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Second Coming of Islam, post-War - Daily Pioneer

Second Coming of Islam, post-War - Daily Pioneer: "

Second Coming of Islam, post-War
Daily Pioneer
Less than 24 hours before Mr Hosni Mubarak bid adieu to the imposing structure he called home for 30 years, we congregated around an oval table in the ...

In other words, when historical events unfold timing is of the essence. And to that extent, Mr Mubarak left just at the critical point. Many were puzzled why he announced his intention to stay put and fight back via national TV just a day earlier. Didn’t this have the potential of steeling the demonstrators’ resolve? While that must have happened, in all probability Mr Mubarak declared his determination to stay only after he had actually decided to quit. The camouflage was aimed at the military, which Mr Mubarak needed to protect him to the end. With sections of the Army, particularly young recruits, wavering under the emotional surge around them, there was no guarantee that Mr Mubarak’s televised resignation would not have resulted in the Army switching sides and permitting mobs to invade the Presidential Palace and assault, if not lynch, the outgoing President. By pretending to stay on with gusto, Mr Mubarak probably avoided such a fate.

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