Friday, February 18, 2011

Tehelka Sting on Christian missionary & CIA nexus in India

Tehelka Sting on Christian missionary & CIA nexus in India: "

A 8 page expose by Tehalka on Christian missionary & CIA nexus around the world and in India, using Christian charity organisations like World Vision and other NGO organisations as front to conduct conversion activities, covert operations and espionage at ground level to profile the people and the political mood of a nation to subvert them eventually. They have been successful in Latin America, Africa and South East Asia and have been doing it in India for sometime now.

The Christian conversion activities are not only attacking the indigenous native culture of India by converting people to an alien and false faith like Christianity but also aiding foreign spy organisations to infiltrate at city, town and village level.

PS: The current caste based census pushed through strongly by Sonia Gandhi is nothing but data collection on the various castes and sub-castes in India which can then be handed over to the Pope and his minions to use in their conversion programs using the good old 'divide and convert policy'. These Christian missionaries will instigate caste wars, pitting Hindu against Hindu so that they can prey on this division. Beware and act against these Christian missionaries stop them in their evil deeds else within a few generations India will end up Christian majority.