Thursday, March 31, 2011

VivekaJyoti: The use of Grass-Root-Efforts to create awareness amongst Hindus of the challenges they face from the western marauding faiths.

VivekaJyoti: The use of Grass-Root-Efforts to create awareness amongst Hindus of the challenges they face from the western marauding faiths.

Today major political movements ignore grassroots and focus exclusively on deploying mass media outlets for “viral propaganda” in getting the message across to the activists as rapidly as one can. It works, it has worked for Stalin, it worked wonderfully for Hitler and it worked for Mao, and continues to work for Islam and Christianity’s proliferation. Islamic radicals use viral media for their hateful propaganda…why are more people converting to this seemingly hateful faith? Why are people not converting in droves to Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism that deeply spiritual faiths devoid of violence, with tolerance, flexibility and ancient wisdom? The answer lies in “brand mythology” they, the Muslims and Christians promote, proselytize, promote, propagandize and promote relentlessly, 24/7, and people buy what is sold. On the other hand they also look for weaknesses and reduce the competing faiths with negative propaganda. We MUST start selling our Spiritual brand, which is Hinduism, for all its wonderful qualities!! Well folks, these are the same methods Hindus must use to call out the flaws, atrocities, and their inhuman decrees against women-sanctioned misogyny and non-believers in the same loud fashion, otherwise we are wasting ourselves. We must use contemporary media to sell Hinduism, that is the only way this information battle must be won!

The Christians and the Islamists use (1) Network Emails, (3) Social Media, (3) Street corner and door to door distribution of information, (4) Arial drops, (5) Broadcast media, (6) their own network -Al-Jazeera & others, (7) Newspaper & magazine Ads and lastly (8) through their preachings at their Mosques all over. They are organized like ants and Meerkats, whereas we are disorganized. We need to organize ourselves quickly, as people are being killed as we discuss the merits and demerits of grassroots and propaganda. It is this kind of propaganda through contemporary media outlets, rabid activism and intimidation, yes intimidation that has turned a 100% Christian Lebanon in 1950 to 80% Muslim Lebanon in 2008, this is what has happened in Indonesia (even though their culture is still Hindu), Malaysia, Thailand and now going on in India.

Grassroots is the base of the political pyramid, as the opposite is the establishment that controls the top. Grassroots by its design is inclusive, everyone can be involved, and there in lies the delay, in the organizing aspect of it.

Yes, Grassroots is indeed a tool that is very effective and affective long term to reform political culture. I think grassroots must be used to change our educational culture and rewrite history as facts and not as opinions. Indian history is replete with erroneous information. It has positioned Muslims rulers as indigenous rulers promoting them as benevolent emperors. In fact this obfuscation of facts is a direct slap on the faces of thousands of Hindu families and their descendants that have died due to these “benevolent” emperors’ wanton genocides, slavery and destruction of temples. Hindus have been made to swallow this “history” for two plus generations in their classrooms, facts shoved under the proverbial Indian rug in favor of political correctness. Grassroots must be engaged in pursuit of amending the constitution to have one set of laws for the citizens, not two sets of laws, one for Hindus and the Sharia for the Muslims, this is an unmitigated advantage for the Muslims, who are breeding like mice already.