Tuesday, March 22, 2011



During Mohammed’s time, it was the routine practice to convert or kill.

And as usual, it was Mohammed’s practice to keep the most beautiful woman for himself.

In one such case, a beautiful Jewish woman was taken captive in the raids. Mohammed kept it for himself.

However, the Jewish woman nursed a secret grudge since the Muslims had killed her family while making her slave.

So she poisoned Mohammed by placing the poison in a roasted lamb. All though, the Prophet came to know about it. It was too late.

Since that day, Jews are the EnemyNumber 1 of the Muslims.

This incident is recorded in Hadiths compiled by Bukhari.



by Silas


Muhammad was not a real prophet, he was a false prophet. He died as a result of eating poison that he didn’t know about. The poisoned lamb “spoke” to him too late. Only when he realized he was dying did Muhammad “spiritualize” his suffering and coming death. Prior to that he tried to get well.

Moses knew about his coming death (Deut 34:1-5). Jesus also knew of His future death (Mark 8:32, 32). Yet Muhammad was in the dark until he himself realized he was going to die.

Paul the apostle was bitten by a poisonous snake (Acts 28:1-6), but Paul suffered no ill effects from the bite. God had his hand of protection on Paul, to finish the work laid out for him. Muhammad died so suddenly that there was confusion as to would be the next ruler of the Islamic state. To this day, part of that confusion remains. The Islamic world is divided in part because of this issue (Shia vs. Sunni). Wouldn’t Allah, who abhors division within the Ummah have protected Muhammad long enough to insure that his state remain unified, and a clearly defined successor be named?

Jesus predicted false prophets would come into the world and mislead many (Matthew 24:24). Muhammad was such a false prophet. Both Jesus and Moses knew God face to face, Muhammad only had a spirit or angel he called “Gabriel” speaking to him. In the end, even this angel’s prayers were not answered by Allah. Could it be that this “Gabriel” was preaching a false religion (Galatians 1:8) to Muhammad? Could Gabriel have been a deceptive demon or Satan himself?