Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Audacity of Fraud

The Audacity of Fraud:

Hitler must be credited for revealing a part of human psychology that many of us could not have figure out on our own. It is about the power of the big lie. He said if a lie is small, many people will detect it because everyone says a little lie here and there and are familiar with it. However, most people don’t dare to say colossal lies and since they are incapable of it themselves they fall for it when they hear it.

Can you possibly claim to be the citizen of a country that is not yours and nominate yourself as its president? That is outrageous. How can it be possible to defraud millions of people? That is what you’d ask and hence refuse to even think about it.

The truth is that Obama is not an American citizen. No one ever vetted this man when he filed his nomination for presidency. Everyone thought no one would have the audacity to defraud an entire nation and run for the top office in the word.

The Obama’s birth certificate became the emperor’s invisible cloth. No one had seen it, but everyone was sure that it must exist because if it didn’t, others would have said something about it.

Obama posted a computer generated certification of live birth on his website, with no signatures on it. Most people accepted it as authentic. A few wanted to see the long form with some signatures on it.

Col Terry Lakin demanded that Obama prove his eligibility and was jailed for refusing to obey orders that he thought were illegitimate.

Over thirty lawsuits were filed demanding Obama to prove his citizenship. He spent over two million dollars in lawyers’ fee to avoid proving it. Col. Terry Lakin, a decorated American soldier refused to obey the orders of his superiors unless Obama, his alleged commander in chief, proved his legitimacy. Obama could release his BC and resolve the matter. He didn’t and this patriotic American soldier was imprisoned.

The rumors did not die. More and more people wanted to know the truth. Then came along Donald Trump and made finding the truth about Obama’s eligibility a cornerstone of his campaign. Suddenly, his rating soared and he became a forerunner for the Republican nomination. Obama realized he can no longer dodge the question. On 27th of April, after laughing at the question for two years and fighting it in the courts, he finally released his birth certificate.

There is nothing out of the ordinary in that BC. Why he did not release it sooner? Why he spent over two million dollars to not show it? Why did he let a patriotic American colonel go to jail when all he had to do was show this document? The answer is that he did not have a birth certificate then and he does not have it now.

On the surface it appears that the matter is settled. The liberal media viciously attacked the “birthers” and Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC bashed Orly Taitz like a rabid dog. (Watch the disgraceful conduct of this Liberal) Obama seemed to have won the day. In a speech full of hubris he derided the truthers and called them “carnival barkers.”

Not so fast Mr. Obama. The birth certificate you posted on site is tampered. This document is created by Phototshop and whoever has done it was not an expert. This is the document.

The first problem with this document is that it appears to be one sheet and two sheets at the same time. On the left, the paper is cut and slides behind itself. This defies the laws of physic. The paper has become longer after being cut.

This picture shows numbers that were not generated at the same time. This is evidence that the document has been tampered.

A closer analysis of the document reveals that the characters are not of the same color. Some characters are blurred, which is normal. Ink is absorbed by the paper and creates a blurred edge. When scanned and enlarged they will show multicolored. However most of the characters in that document are monochromatic and have sharp edges. This is only possible if the characters are computer generated.

You can see this yourself by enlarging the document. Download a trial version of Adobe Illustrator CS5 from Adobe site for free. Save the document from site and open it in Adobe Illustrator.

On the right, you’ll find a row of buttons. Click on the Layers and then the arrow next to the main layer. You’ll find the document has several layers. This should not happen if the document is scanned from paper, in which case you’d get only one layer.

Now go ahead and close the layers one by one by clicking on the eye. As you close them the objects on those layers disapear. By the time you have closed all the layers, except the last one you’ll see that most of the text has disapeared, and what is left is the background and the signature.

This is the smoking gun. This document is fake. It does not take a forensic specialist to see it. The forgery has been made by someone with very little knowledge of Photoshop and layers, which makes me believe that it is done by Obama himself.

Some people say that if the scanner optical character recognition (OCR) software is left on, it attempts to translate characters or words in a photograph into text.

Assuming this was the case, we still don’t have an explanation as to why there are so many layers. OCR does not separate texts in different layers.

Obama could have hidden his track only if he had printed his final work and then scanned it, in which case the layers would have disappeared and also the differences in the characters would have been less noticeable. Well, even the smartest crooks commit mistake. Can we have any doubt that we have an impostor in the Whitehouse? Tampering with one’s birth certificate is a crime. This alone is enough to drag this criminal out of the White House and send him to the big house.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Orly Taze has been investigating Obama for over two years and she has found that he has been using several social security numbers. The social security number he is using now belonged to a man who was born in 1890. ID theft is a crime. Obama is a common criminal. Apart from Islam this is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in history. When was the last time that a common criminal usurped the highest power in the world through fraud?

Obama’s crimes do not concern me. That is up to Americans to decide how to deal with this gangster. What concerns me is his ties with Islam. He has put “devout Muslims” in charge of Homeland Security. That is like entrusting the chicken coop to the foxes. Obama is a crook and he is dangerous. This fake birth certificate alone should be enough to lock him up in jail.

The birth certificate is fake. But even if it weren’t Obama still would not be eligible to be the POTUS because when he was naturalized as an Indonesian he lost his American citizenship.

Donald Trump did a great work forcing this impostor to make this move that should seal his doom. This is the end of Obama. I can’t wait to see this criminal behind the bars.