Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dalit Muslims, Caste and Sociological Phenomenon

Dalit Muslims, Caste and Sociological Phenomenon: "

Dear All: I am reproducing below a brief but very interesting email exchange between Sh Yoginder Sikand and Sh Jay Vachani precipitated by a recent article in Tehelka by Sh Sikand, titled, Converted dalits get no justice. In the article, Sh Sikand has suggested that “Muslim and Christian Dalits should be given reservation just like those who embraced Sikhism and Buddhism“. This argument is not new but Sh Vachani has done a fine job of exposing the core of it – viz. caste being a sociological phenomenon…Pl read on (Thanks to Sanjay for bringing to to my attention and for getting Sh Vachani’s permission to reproduce the exchange here; I have taken out email addresses to protect privacy; emphasis is mine).