Sunday, April 17, 2011

The political genius of Sri Rama - Part 5

The political genius of Sri Rama - Part 5: "

Continued from Part 4

Journey of Sri Raama during his exile

This the peak of Rama's life. Thereafter there is a steady decline of his moral stature due to over-insistence on word of Law (dharma) and than spirit of law (Dharma). The agni pariksha, abandonment of seeta while she is pregnant (at age of 42). Yet he ruled for 31 years (36 to 77) and created a Raam-rajya and a new order in which all the power centres from AFG to SL were woven in common thread of interest and peace.

One can say, Raama created a first 'common market' in India by linking all the small-big power centres across the length and bredth of subcontinent. He renovated Dakshinapatha (the road linking Deccan and NI). the internicine rivalries between the river basins stopped for long time. Even during MBH time, the rivalries were not based on riverbasins and geography but between the DI-Axis (Dwarika-Indraprastha) and Magadha (with Kauravas playing secondary role).