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Some comments from - Anna Hazare: NGOs for Governance?

Some comments from

My point is that he is instigating the middle class intelligentsia that comes to hear him at Jantar Mantar – and neither he nor any of his allies is a grassroots mass leader – to despise and distrust politicians and bureaucrats as a class when these are the constitutional pillars of State. In their place, Hazare moots an unelected oligarchy. This does not bode well for the nation or the society.

It is Gandhian blackmail and will produce similar anarchy, by diverting attention from the real issues. The real problem is that the Government beginning with Rajiv Gandhi (of Bofors fame) has been turned into a facilitator of loot like the East India Company. It is now controlled by an invisible mafia that is using Manmohan Singh as a stooge. Can Raja, Hasan Ali, etc control such vast amounts of money without government patronage? The Government, like Manmohan Singh is accountable to Sonia and her mafia and no on else.

This passionate social activist, who has started a "fast until death" to demand the "end of corruption" has been offered support by politicians and he has refused it, stating that "all politicians are the same and it should be a grassroot movement". The general idea is good, but the application is stupid. Anna Hazare is not going to get ANY GOOD RESULT in this way - except for making a big name for himself, to be used later for getting into politics himself, which we hope he is not planning to do. What he needs to do now is: 1. accept the support of politicians 2. ask each and every MLA (member of legislative assembly) and MP (member of parliament) and all other politicians who want to support him, to go to their constituencies and ask their voters to submit their requests for help in order to overcome corruption. ## Corruption is not opposed in the Parliament or Lok Sabha by new laws. Making new laws will only AGGRAVATE THE PROBLEM, because corrupt people will always be able to elude justice, and on top the cost of the bribes will skyrocket to "COVER THE RISKS". So corruption will only become worse. Corruption is vanquished when a "big personality" takes PERSONAL INTEREST in facilitating a legal process WITHOUT ASKING FOR BRIBES. So these politicians just have to write letters to the SECRETARIATES that are supposed to grant licenses or other recognitions to the voters of their constituencies, and in such letters they must recommend and require that the legal process should proceed without further impediments or delays. This is the ONLY WAY. There is no other solution for the Indian system. Thus the politicians will not even have to skip a meal (at least not in the name of corruption, if they want to lose weight it's another story), BUT CORRUPTION WILL DISAPPEAR INSTANTLY. This is what the hundreds of people queuing in the politicians waiting rooms want from them, begging and crying, so that the "big man" they voted will "say a word" to the reluctant burocrats. Anything else is just POLITICAL PROPAGANDA, of which dharmic people should be ashamed of - what to speak of supporting it. WAKE UP HINDUS!!! Stop being bamboozled by so-called "great people". You may choose to listen or not to listen: it is your responsibility. I have done my duty.

People!! esp. youths, awake and join the Anna Hazare fight against corruption as democracy and elections cannot remove the corrupt from ruling the Country. ANNAJI!! BEWARE OF SWAMI AGNIVESH OR MEDHA PATKAR. THEY ARE WORKING FOR MISSIONARIES AND FUNDED BY GROUPS ABROAD FOR THE INTERESTS OF CHRISTIAN MAOISTS AND OTHERS INVOLVED IN ANTI-NATIONAL ACTIVITIES who support Sonia in her intrigues.

I really do not understand rationale underlying Anna Hazare's fast unto death. Here are some questions: (a) On what grounds should "civil society" leaders should be involved in a panel of folks who would draft the Lokpal Bill. Many of these "grass-roots workers" are two-bit players, and get dubious funding thru NGO channels of all hues and colors. A classic case is MNREGA scheme, conceived by Jean Dreze, and thru this scheme, tens of thousands of crores of rupees is being dumped into coffers of corrupt folks. And the NAC is trying to further the depth and penetration of this scheme, even though there is hard data that corruption is rampant in the implementation of this scheme. Any guesses, as to why this push for MNREGA. (b) While it is OK to argue for the Lokpal bill (or argue against it), is there any shred of evidence that implementation of such a bill even in the most ideal situation will stem corruption. At the state level, we have the institution of Lokayukta. Maharashtra was perhaps the 1st state to implement this provision (1972!!). The Lokayukta is appointed by Governor after recieving inputs from High Court CJ, and Opposition leader. He has the right to inquire into the conduct of all ministers (sans CM). Typically, we have retired justices of High Courts sitting in this position. However, there is little data to suggest that corruption index in Mah. is less than in other states. Similarly, the Delhi state appointed a Lokayukta in 1995. However, the CWG scam involved mega mis-appropriation of money, and the "tainted' people in this aspect hail from Mah. and Delhi. (c) Somehow I have a feeling that the "fast unto death" act of Anna is just being used to deflect focus from ongoing exposure of scams (which emerge on a daily basis). Imagine a scenario, where the govt., post some cajoling and "pressures" yields to the demand of the "fasters", and constitutes a panel of "experts" who end up drafting a half-ass Lokpal Bill. And in the scheme of things, the focus on current mega scandals, which are perhaps of the same order of magnitude as India's economy, gets lost. Who is the winner in this game?

Sandhyaji has raised valid and significant doubts on the frenzy being spread from Janthar Manthar, New Delhi. Beware, anything highlighted and hyped by the secular mainstream media in India is dubious!

In his letter to the PM, Anna argues that “NAC sub-committee has discussed Jan Lokpal Bill. But what does that actually mean? Will the government accept the recommendations of NAC sub-committee? So far, UPA II has shown complete contempt for even the most innocuous issues raised by NAC.” Pray, what else is this but endorsement of NAC and its policies. Does it not indirectly imply that NAC is made up of saints? Also, does it not imply that he wants to bestow more authority on NAC (and thru it to himself as well). That is the fundamental agenda of many of these hi-profile fasters. Fasting has become a fashion. ## Also, here is a list of awards, Anna has recd. from the govt. – [1] Giants Intl. Award (2000) from Vilasrao Deshmukh [2] Padmabhusan (1992), from R. Venkataraman [3] Padmabhusan (1990) from R. Venkataraman [4] Indira Priyadarshini Vriksha Mitra, GoI, (1986) from Rajiv Gandhi [5] Krishi Bhushan, GoMah, (1989), from Shankar Rao Chavan ## Then there are many awards, which are given to "one's own" thru indirect channels constituted of a plethora of "social orgs" and "international orgs".

And finally my conclusion:

Everything in this world is politics........................
some bad politics........................
and even more some ugly politics........................

UPA/Congress is sitting in power
but BJP is not even in the opposition
as for now that place has been
takenup by stooge NGOs/activists

& that difficult times are ahead..........
iam pointing towards the possibility of Emergency Rule