Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VivekaJyoti: Hinglaj Mata Mandir (Teerath Yatra), Balochistan

VivekaJyoti: Hinglaj Mata Mandir (Teerath Yatra), Balochistan:

Hinglaj Mata Mandir (Teerath Yatra), Balochistan

Hinglaj Mata Mandir (Teerath Yatra), Balochistan

This is sacred place of pilgrimage for Hindus in general is situated in a mountain cave "HINGLAJ" on river bank of "HINGHOL"at the tail of " KHEERTHAR" maintains called " KANRAJ" in Tehsil Lyari of Balochistan.

It is about 170 miles(250 KM) from Karachi - on the main "Karachi - Quetta" Highway upto zero Point for about 75 miles and then by road towards west through Lyari town and then to signal Fauji Camp Stop, crossing Aghore River then through Goongi River and last stop to "Asha Pura" Sarai (INN)

It is known that before partition (India-Pakistan), Rajput Kings come for pilgrimage to Hinglaj Mata from Rajasthan and Gujarat. There was no read and Yatris had to pass through jungles, sandy routes, mountains, rivers, full of danger on the back of camels, it take months in journey.
Now the journey has become easy, from Karachi is 6 to 8 hrs in a private vehicle (preferably 4 Wheel drive).

This Teerath is famous and old in human history. The devotees from all part of the world used to come for Hinglaj Mata Teerath since centuries. Even Hindus Ram Avatar. Great Saint GuruGorakh Nath, Great Saint Guru Nanak Sahib, Dada Mekhan,Avtar of Laxman, and other great Saints, Rishes and Hindu scholars paid visits to Hinglaj Teerath. In recent few years devotees from Africa and European countries have visited and performed Hinglaj Mata Teerath.

Yearly Yatra

In respect to the Hinglaj Mata Teerath Yatra, Shri Hinglaj SevaMandli every year makes arrangement of Yatra in the month of April in the form of JATHA means a huge and big group of around 50,000 people consisted of males, females, Kids from all parts of thestates of Pakistan of different languages and culture. These devoteesare dressed in red caps, flags, and banners of Hinglaj and basically it renew our past memories. This year Yatra is on 24th till 26th April 2011.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vanwani (Patron) Pakistan Hindu Council is giving warm welcome to all the Pakistani Hindu people for this yearly yatra.

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