Sunday, May 29, 2011

Latin American Hanuman?

Latin American Hanuman?: "

Thanks to KV Sarma J for alerting me to this image. KV mentioned that the image reminded him of “Gada-dhari” Hanuman doing “Ram-naam jaap“. I agree.

Wikipedia informs us that:

The howler monkey god was a major deity of the arts – including music – and a patron of the artisans among the Classic Mayas, especially of the scribes and sculptors…

…it are the two large statues of simian figures shaking rattles (see fig.), found on both sides of the ‘Reviewing Stand’ of Copan’s temple 11, that approach much more closely the standard representation of this animal in Maya art..

Variously described as wind gods and comedians, these statues may actually represent howler monkeys in their quality of musicians.

Did you notice the reference to wind-gods? Of course Shri Hanuman is revered as “Pawan-Sut” or “Pawan-Putra“! In this context, pl also refer to some tweets by Neeta Raina on 19th & 20th May,