Friday, May 20, 2011

lebensraum in action: China artfully steals Russia's land - PRAVDA

lebensraum in action: China artfully steals Russia's land - PRAVDA: "
may 19th, 2011 CE

the history of china is one of seeking lebensraum for its excess population.

now they are actually stealing land!

i expect a full-scale invasion of siberia one of these days. if it already hasn't been sinified via infiltration. i am sure the propaganda of 'truth by repeated assertion' of alleged chinese historical claims to siberia will quickly be supported by paid lackeys in britain etc.

btw, india should put forth a historical claim to korea because once there was a princess from ayodhya who married into the korean royal family! china's 'historical claims' are *that* flimsy!

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China artfully steals Russia's land

Sergei Balmasov

China is trying to change its borders with Russia again. Spokesmen for the Border Service Agency of the Federal Security Bureau said that, on April 13 and 14 Chinese vessels and barges with excavators aboard were conducting dredging operations in the area of the 146th kilometer of the Ussuri River. The same works were conducted on April 17, in the area of the 215th kilometer of the Ussuri River, in the Khabarovsk region, Russia.

The Chinese vessels unloaded the excavated soil on other parts of the river, which may also change the watercourse of the border river, Russian official said.

The above-mentioned activities were conducted without Russia's agreement, which violated the inter-governmental border agreement between the two countries.

Such reports arrive from the Far East of Russia on a regular basis, almost every year. Every time when it happens, Russia asks for explanations, but China leaves Russian inquiries ignored.

Moscow handed over the islands on the Amur River near the city of Khabarovsk under China's control in an attempt to solve the territorial dispute with the Celestial Empire once and for all. China has not set any territorial claims to Russia yet, but it just so happens that the country is trying to do it in an artful way.


"Beijing has not given up on the attempts to change the riverbed of border rivers. It means that China follows its ancient tradition observing treaties as long as they are profitable for the country. Thus, China openly demonstrates that the territorial problem with Russia has not been solved.

"As experience shows, in such cases China usually chooses the tactics of silence. Instead of negotiations, the country simply continues to do what it needs to do. I am not sure that Russia will be willing to ruin its relations with China over small islands, even though they are strategically important. It is ridiculous to discuss this problem at the UN too. China, as a member of the Security Council, will simply veto the discussion.

"For the time being, we can only watch China stealing territories from Russia - the territories, which China considers its own. China is desperate for new territories, and the country will be trying to get them from all of its neighbors," the expert said.