Sunday, May 1, 2011

Protest: Mockery of Sati Draupadi by Hindu-traitor

Protest: Mockery of Sati Draupadi by Hindu-traitor: "In a video given in the article, some 'Engineer' makes mockery of highly revered Sati Draupadi, stooping at very low level. All Hindus protest lawfully against it."

Appeal to devout Hindus

The above video is of a comedy show by some 'Engineer', in which he had made mockery of Sati Draupadi, highly revered Hindu icon of Hindu epic 'Mahabharat', stooping at very low level. Sati Draupadi is considered as one of the most sacred ladies in the history of Hindu Dharma. Such Hindu-traitors are real foes of Hindu Dharma. It is duty of all true Hindus to protest lawfully against this denigration. The video is posted at below links and we should 'Report / Flag' these videos as 'Abuse' or 'Inappropriate' :


2) (Above video is taken from this link)




Also this video is there on Facebook at following link :


Also we appeal to Hindus that if anyone can get contact details of the performer / actor in this video, we should protest lawfully against him also for defaming our highly revered Hindu Icon, Sati Draupadi.