Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Did Sibal abandon India for a green card?

Did Sibal abandon India for a green card?: "


hem0603 (delhi) 16 mins ago (10:30 AM)

Sibal was a lawyer in New York when his wife was posted as a diplomat in New York. How did he get green card to get admission in New York state bar is a mystery. It needs to be investigated like Queen Baton Relay investigation against Suresh Kalmadi. If you dig out his bar admission application and follow the trail how he got green card, I have a strong feeling like Suresh Kalmadi and A Raja, he will join them too. When a person applies for green card, he has to sign application under oath stating he intends to abandon his foreign residence (in his case it is India) permanently and he intends to accept U.S. as his new permanent home. How can a person be made Union Cabinet minister who had expressed his intent to abandon India permanently. He is on a sensitive position with access to India’s vital interests when in the past he had expressed intent to abandon India for ever. It needs to be investigated.