Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rein in Sonia Maino and align with the Hindus: An open letter to Pope Benedict & Opus Dei

Rein in Sonia Maino and align with the Hindus: An open letter to Pope Benedict & Opus Dei: "


His Holiness Pope & all esteemed Opus Dei members,

I am a Hindu pagan who has read the entire Bible and the Koran, besides of course Hindu scriptures. I am also aware that the Opus Dei remote controls Pope Benedict in the Vatican in a manner similar to Sonia Gandhi remote controlling Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

I am also aware about the well-oiled Opus Dei machinery which can even put the CIA to shame.

I am also aware of the fact that the Vatican is under the constant fear of getting circumcised with the Muslim army breathing down its neck near Kosovo.

I also understand that the Vatican is planning to evangelise India through Sonia Gandhi by brazenly brainwashing Indians and capturing their institutions. I also understand that the Opus Dei has taken over Indian media to enforce its thought control.

However, I wish to tell you that your plans might horribly backfire and you might get fucked from both sides.

Rein in Sonia and align with the Hindus. We have enough details about her Swiss Bank chicanery. (http://greathindu.com/2011/06/here-is-proof-for-gandhi-familys-swiss-bank-funds-now-what-do-the-congressmedia-alliance-have-to-say/).

Today, India is not a banana republic. It is filled with pragmatic discerning educated youths. They are not hate-spewing. They are intelligent enough to see through your bogus designs.

Remember the immortal Abraham Lincoln lines: You can fool some people some times but not all the people all the times.

I pray to Lord Narayana to save Vatican from Muslim invasions. May Lord Narayana give you the good sense to align with Hindus rather then cheat them. If Jesus Christ is the son of God, Lord Narayana is the God of Gods.

Yours truly,

Deepak Kamat."