Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The shrinking Hindu space

The shrinking Hindu space: "
Perhaps nothing illustrates the extreme prejudice and visceral hatred this administration harbors towards Hindus quite like this video. A senior Congress leader and designated mentor to the crown Prince, no less, mercilessly kicking an would be shoe attacker. That video basically sums up what Congress would do to us, given a chance.

As we have been saying for quite sometime, what we have here is not mere hardball politics, we have long transitioned into a different ballgame. From mere socio-economic re-engineering, we have transitioned into genocidal territory.

The fact that it did not result in a stampede is a miracle in itself and perhaps speaks for the discipline and self-restraint of the devotees. The police had fired so many teargas shells that beat journos had irritation and tears in their eyes until late next morning.

This operation had to be authorized at the highest levels. No one at a lower level who would have the gumption to order a lathi charge and teargas shelling in a tent containing so many women and children.

This operation was also a live demonstration of what is going to happen when the proposed Communal Violence Prevention Act (aka Right to Riot with impunities act for minorities) comes into effect. That act will give enormous and unprecedented powers into the hands of a group of hostile and prejudiced people. Under any flimsy pretext, they can take over any district administration. They can then run off any people deemed undesirable, like they did with the tens of thousands of devotees. Within a stretch of 4 hours, the ground was completely deserted, people scattered all over Delhi without shelter and belongings. Some dropped off at potentially unsafe places. Post-op, the administration declared random and arbitrary section 144 and ordered externments without court orders.

Then we have the RTE act, which essentially shrinks education space for Hindus. We also have the Food Security Act, again, designed by the same contingent, which divides the food doles recipients into 'general' and 'priority' categories, the latter being euphemism for ... you know who.

A day after the operation, Sonia Gandhi offered a chaadar at Ajmer Sharif. A day later, Manmohan Singh followed suit.

Still think you are safe under this administration?