Friday, October 23, 2009

Allah the moon god | Faith Freedom International

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    • For the past several millennia, there have been two main religious groups predominant in much of the world: One that significantly represents sun worship, and another that revolves largely around moon worship.
    • Although Islam is presented as a “new, divine revelation” straight from God, in reality many of its tenets and traditions – as well as some of its main characters – possess lunar characteristics and attributes.  Many millions of people are familiar with the Islamic logo of the crescent moon and star, a prominent and obvious reflection of Islam’s lunar origins and aspects. Why did Islam’s creators and shapers decide upon such a blatant symbol of moon worship and astrotheology?
    • Islam is a lunar cult
    • In the ancient world in several places, a deep schism formed over the millennia between the nomadic, desert lunar cults and settled, agricultural solar cults. The solar cult or “day sky” people established villages, towns and cities based on agricultural knowledge that included the movements of the sun. The lunar/stellar cult or “night sky” people spent much time traveling during the coolness of the night, moving by the stars and following the phases of the moon. Over the thousands of years, these two distinct cultures have clashed mightily.
    • Long before Islam, desert nomadic, lunar cult/night sky people would hide in the hills and wait until nightfall, thereupon descending into the solar settlements, slaughtering the men, women and children, except for the war booty of virgins, and looting, pillaging and destroying the village.
    • One solar settlement after another fell to the stealthy lunar cultists led by Moses, Joshua and others. This night-sky conquering behavior was not only continued into Islamic times but also essentially codified in and validated by the Koran.
    • Today, the whole world represents the rich, plump and juicy settlement waiting to be invaded, plundered and destroyed by stealthy lunar cultists lurking in the hills. The sooner we all understand these ancient and ongoing dynamics, the better off the world will be.