Friday, October 30, 2009

A Gruesome Honor Killing in Mumbai | Faith Freedom International

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    • Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari
    • According to the Chicago Tribune, “On May 31, 1994, Kifaya Husayn, a 16-year-old Jordanian girl, was lashed to a chair by her 32-year-old brother. He gave her a drink of water and told her to recite an Islamic prayer. Then he slashed her throat. Immediately afterward, he ran out into the street, waving the bloody knife and crying, ‘I have killed my sister to cleanse my honor.’ Kifaya’s crime? She was raped by another brother, a 21-year-old man.
    • In 2001, in Gujar Khan, Pakistan , Zahida Perveen’s husband attacked her, gouged out both her eyes, cut off her nose, and her ears. He wrongly suspected her of adultery.
    • According to Time magazine, in September 2003 in Iraq , Ali Jasib Mushiji, 17, shot his mother and half brother because he suspected them of having an affair and killed his 4-year-old sister because he thought she was their child.
    • One is shocked to know tha a Muslim father in Iran cut off his 7-year-old daughter’s head because he suspected that she had been raped by her uncle. The incident helps one understand on what grounds the Muslim girls are being murdered by her male family members as an act of honor killing and what kind of sexual offences are being committed in Muslim households.
    • Mehnaz Khan and the Maharastrian Hindu boy Vidyanand Jadahv were in love for past several years and eloped to a place called Panve and got married. When Munna Sardar Khan and Sehnaz Khan came to know that their daughter was living with her husband at Panvel, they went there and Sehnaz pleaded with Mehnaz to return home. Both Sehnaz and Munna Khan assured Mehnaz that, once she comes home, they would accept her marriage with Vidyanand.

      However they succeeded to pursue Mehnaz and bring her to their South Mumbai home. But after she returned home nearly at 11 pm at night, Munna Khan strangulated Mehnaz to death with a towel while Sehnaz sat on her chest to prevent her from an escape.  According to the investigating officer Hinduram Patin, Munna Khan then dragged the body to the bathroom and cut it into 11 pieces. He also peeled off the skin from the victim’s face and disfigured it by cutting the nose so that no one could identify it after a possible discovery. He then dumped the pieces in a gunny bag and threw it near the Byculla bridge.

    • The incident help one gauge the degree of Islamic brainwashing which motivates even a mother to kill her own daughter.