Friday, October 30, 2009

* VivekaJyoti *: Organized anti-National forces of ‘Islamic Terrorism’ in Kerala have now launched a pogram of ‘Cultural Terrorism’ against the non-Muslim women

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    • Several houses at exorbitant rents have been hired in different parts of Kerala for conducting this preplanned romantic operation. These houses are fully furnished homes with all creature comforts to make the lured non-Muslim girls feel comfortable with their newly-begotten Muslim boy-friends. These carefully designed dens of vice are also fully stocked with all kinds of Islamic conversion propaganda materials. The Muslim youths have been specially trained to take all these non-Hindu women into confidence by promising them immediate marriage, children and motherhood and very much more, if only they would convert to Islam. The non-Muslim women are brainwashed for Islamic conversion and made suitable for Islamic marriage with in a period of 6 months. Specially prepared videos are shown to the young girls in these ‘comfortable homes’ by handsome Islamic youth, showing the glory and grandeur of Islam and how a spontaneous act of immediate conversion to Islam would enable these young girls to enter upon a new life of marital bliss, prolific motherhood, material prosperity and ever lasting spiritual peace and happiness.
    • A target of 4 kids in 1200 days has been fixed for each Muslim youth for luring and trapping a non-Muslim girl for this Love Jihad Operation, caught in the treacherous swamp of Jihadi romance. Each Muslim youth has been given a time frame (target) of 2 weeks for successfully luring a non-Muslim woman into this Islamic trap. If the attempt to lure a girl does not succeed within a period of 2 weeks, then the concerned Muslim youth should turn to another non-Muslim girl and try the same luring and trapping Islamic conversion operation with unfailing Islamic zest and server.

      College students and working women are the prime targets. Once a Muslim youth succeeds in completing his mission of luring a young Hindu / Christian woman into the carnal trap, the concerned Islamic organisation will give an amount of Rs 1,00,000 as initial financial help for each Muslim youth who succeeds in this basically criminal mission. In addition, each Muslim youth is also given a free mobile phone, free bike and free fashionable dress to ply their Love trade starting with bogus gesture of love and romance!

      It is understood that there is an unlimited flow of money for this kind of Love Jihad from the Middle East. Each district has its own Zonal Chairman to oversee this mission. The main aim of this organization is to make a list of Hindu and Christian girls in each area, even prior to the college admission and specially shortlist those women whom they feel are more vulnerable and who can be brainwashed into Islamic conversion with out any cultural resistance. Such vulnerable women are specially targeted and chased by the Love Jihad organisations.
    • The above table brings out the following facts:
      1. The total number of victims of an organized Love Jihad is 2866
      2. Both Hindu and Christian girls have been the victims.
      3. Only less than 10% of the victims managed to escape from the evil clutches of Love Jihadis.
      4. The Muslim dominated Malabar accounts for 1674 victims (more than 60%).
      5. Kasargode District tops the list of victims with 586 incidents.
    • Three years back itself Durga Vahini and other Hindu organisations had given a detailed report about ‘Love Jihad’ to the Kerala State’s Home department, But the report was ignored on the specious ground that it was submitted by so called ‘Communal Hindu organisations’! And now the Media and Police today have woken up from their known pseudo- slumber when Christian bodies like Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) too have started feeling the heat and started complaining and campaigning against Love Jihad in Kerala.
    • (The writer is a retired IAS officer)
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