Thursday, November 12, 2009

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    • By: V SUNDARAM
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    • Swami Ramdev at Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind at Deoband
    • I view the presence of Swami Ramdev as an act of religious surrender. He cannot hope to succeed with the Muslims in the cultural arena where even Mahatma Gandhi failed so disastrously and so magnificently.
    • It has also been brought to my notice that Baba Ramdev is not the only Hindu Swami engaged in the cultural task of cajoling the Muslims. Recently an English newspaper in Bombay organized An Inter-Religious Dialogue for Spiritual Enlightenment in which Sri Sri Ravishankar (Art of Living) and Dr Zakir Naik (Islamic Research Foundation) took part. In this very programme, an attempt was also made to downgrade the Gita during the interactive discourse on a mischievously chosen topic ‘Jihad in the Gita and the Quran’.
    • I understand from him that Swami Ramdev has written a book in Hindi called Jeevan Darshan.  I am presenting below the cover page of this book:


      After reading the above book Deivamuthu discovered to his dismay that Swami has made some wrong and false statements on page 77. Deivamuthu wrote a detailed letter to Swami Ramdev on 11 October. I am quoting some excerpts from this letter. Deivamuthu is a great intellectual warrior fighting for the cause of Hindutva through his bold and fearless monthly journal called “Hindu Voice’: