Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vande Mataram: Once Again A Battle Song – Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan. « Bharata Bharati

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    • P.S. Ramachandran Rao's Bharat Mata
    • At this juncture, it is for a few lions in the Hindu Nation to wake up and roar. If Russian and Chinese inspired communists can promote terrorist outfits within this country to destroy our governments, if Christian militants receiving millions of dollars from European and American evangelical missions to destabilize India and make it once again a colony of the West, if Islamic fundamentalists can set up terrorist outfits and carry on blasts with the support of aggressive alien Islamic countries, it is the bounden duty of the patriotic Hindu forces to set up a more powerful and aggressive Hindu outfit to defend the freedom and sovereignty of this great nation. Genuine sadhus and sannyasins of this land will shower their blessings on the warriors for the cause of Hindu Nation and a time will come when patriots in the armed forces of the land, now under the thumb of corrupt politicians, will free themselves from the bondage and come forward to defend the honour and integrity of the nation. The spiritual power of the holy men combined with the might of the warriors among the Hindus will once again reestablish the glorious Hindu Nation on this sacred soil.
    • The sadhus and sannyasins, like Yogi Ramdev who has been so liberal minded even to attend the Deoband congregation and glorify Islam as a noble religion in spite of the Koranic injunctions of  jihad to wipe out the kafirs or non-believers in Islam through war, violence and rape, must now wake up from delusion. They must now prove that they are true godmen and children of Mother Bharat by coming forward to fight and give up their lives for the honour of their Motherland like the sannyasins of Ananda Math of Rishi Bankim Chandra. It is time for us to remember the sacrifices of great martyrs and patriots who laid down their lives at the altar of Motherland with Vande Mataram on their lips.
    India Flag & Baba Ramdev