Sunday, November 8, 2009

Now non muslim students wear saffron dress in opposition to Burqa

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    • The Burqa issue of Bhatkal's Government First Grade College has once again come to light in the media as e some of the non-Muslim students came to the college wearing saffron dress to express their oppositions and to protest against the decision of the CDC (College Development Committee) committee to allow wearing of Burqa in the college premises. On Friday, 20 to 25 male students came to college supported by some of the girls students. Talking to the press reporters, as student of the college, Ms. Pallavi Naik said that they are not against Burqa, however, uniform should be compulsory for all the students and all other girl students were of the same view, she added.
    • Bhatkal:
    • On this, occasion, the students who appeared in the college in saffron dress said that they would continue to attend their classes in saffron dress until the girl students stop wearing other dress ( i.e. Burqa) in the class. According to the students of the college, they had signed an undertaking, in which it is included that they would attend their classes in uniform. Now, the disciplineof the college has affected, with the wearing of Burqa by some of the college girl students of the college, they alleged.
    • It may be noted that there are total 580 students in the college, of which 10 are e Muslim male students and another 10 students are Muslim girl students. In this college BA, BBA, and classes are being run. This is the third year since the college was started.