Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shun the word ‘dalit’ « Indian Realist

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    • Dalit word unconstitutional: SC Commission

      RAIPUR, Jan 18: The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has asked the State Governments not to use the word ‘Dalit’ in official documents, saying the term was “unconstitutional”.

      The Commission has stated that sometimes the word ‘Dalit’ is used as a substitute for Scheduled Caste in official documents, sources in State Tribal Department said here today.

    • This “Dalit” word does not exist in Sanskrit, neither is it constitutional. Hindus should shun it like plague. It is only being promoted by the Church to give a false identity to a group of unrelated Hindu castes and organise them under a single banner so that they can take on the rest of Hindus. The church is a genocidal animal — remember Red Indians and Rwandans. Hindus should be careful about the vendors of religion of “love.”

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