Thursday, December 31, 2009

Walking with Jesus on the 'Right Path' - The Christian Messenger

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    Cheryl Balwani
    • BORN into a Catholic family, Cheryl Balwani was always concerned from the time she was a child about where she would spend her eternity. As she grew up and met people from different faiths, she started questioning the authenticity of the Bible and wondered how God could send ‘nice people’ to hell just because they didn’t believe in Jesus Christ and acknowledge Him to be the only living God. She started exploring various religions besides occultism and astrology only to realize they were all wrong paths. She realized no matter how many good deeds one does, every person has a sinful nature inherent in him which cannot be cleansed by mere religion, rituals, prayer, meditation, yoga or doing more good deeds. When she realized only Jesus can save a person, if he chooses Him as his personal Lord and Saviour and obeys His word, she became a born-again Christian eight years ago. Cheryl has recently released a delightful collection of seven Gospel songs titled ‘The Right Path’. The album targets both non-believers and believers in their quest to find meaning in their lives. THE CHRISTIAN MESSENGER met Cheryl Balwani, the upcoming Gospel singer, at her Mumbai residence recently. Excerpts from the interview:
    • You come from a Roman Catholic family. How did your family and the Catholic church react when you became a born-again Christian?

      When I became a born-again Christian, I was already married to my husband who is a Sindhi Hindu. Before my marriage my parents were concerned that I would lose touch with my religion as I was getting married to a non-Christian. I became a born-again Christian a few years after I got married.

    • Your husband is Hindu. What did he have to say about your CD? How is your son growing up with the Lord?

      My husband and I went through a rough patch after I became a Christian. I’ve made many lifestyle changes since then. We have had a lot of fights and quarrels over religion. Earlier, I would go with him to the temple and bow down to idols and do puja at home. When I stopped doing that, initially it was a major issue with him.

      He has known me for a long time and I guess it was natural for him to behave in that way. Now, he doesn’t mind in letting me be a Christian as long as I don’t talk to him about it. My husband heard a few songs from the CD and didn’t say anything. I am praying for my husband to know God just as I do, so that he too can be saved.

      My son is just four. I encourage him to pray and talk to God all the time. I am building him up with the Lord. I take him to church on Sundays sometimes. I never force him to go to church if he is unwilling, maybe asleep or busy playing.

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