Friday, January 22, 2010

NCW team visits Godhra to probe complaints into police torture - Express India

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    • A Three-member team of the National Commission for Women (NCW) visited Godhra on Thursday morning to look into the complaints of torture of eight women arrested by the B Division police last month in a case of illegal cow slaughter.
    • Vadodara
    • Cops find link with Godhra carnage accused

      Police officers investigating the controversial case of illegal slaughter say that the one of the accused helped Godhra carnage accused Salim Paanwalla escape to Pakistan.

      According to Godhra B Division Inspector (in-charge) R P Sanghani, who is investigating the cow slaughter case in Gendi plot, the allegations levelled by various NGOs and activists on the Godhra police are baseless. On Thursday night, Sanghani and his men seized about seven buffaloes from the area. “We have evidence that Haji Yakub Badam had helped Godhra carnage accused Salim Paanwalla to escape to Pakistan.

      He is a close relative of Saud Badam, the kingpin of the cow slaughter trade in Godhra,” said a police officer. Sanghani added that the women in the Muslim dominated area do not let the police do their work. “Our men would never dare to something like this. These women hurt themselves while they were stopping the police officers,” said Sanghani.

      He added that as there were no women police officers on duty, the Godhra B Division had no other way but to allow the male constables to arrest the women from the area.

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