Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Feb 26-Atmasamarpan divas of Veer Savarkar

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    • Dipin Damodharan
    • February 26: Atma Samarpan divas of Veer Savarkar

      Hindu Rashtra bid tribute to Swantra Veer Savarkar

      "Whenever the natural process of national and political evolution is violently suppressed by the forces of wrong, then revolution must step in as a natural reaction and therefore ought to be welcomed as the only effective instrument to enthrone Truth and Right"- Swatantra Veer Vinayak Damodhar Savarkar

    • In 1966 Savarkar renounced medicines, food and water leading to his death on February 26, 1966. He was mourned by large crowds that attended his cremation.

      In the history of struggle for Bharat’s independence, V.D. Savarkar's place is unique. Savarkar was the first Indian leader to give the message of absolute political independence and unity to the nation. Today Savarkar is revered in Bharat as “Brave Savarkar”. The history of Bharat judge Vinayak Damodhar Savarkar as a brave revolutionary, a fiercely patriotic leader, a great social reformer, a prolific speaker, an epic poet, dramatist, philosopher …….

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