Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raman's strategic analysis: HIT, BUT STEALTHILY

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    • B.Raman
    • Direct military action against a State-sponsor of terrorism waging a proxy war against us by using terrorism through surrogates as a low-cost weapon without the direct involvement of its Armed Forces would be counter-productive and messy.

      While there could be no doubt about India's ultimate success in a military conflict, the final cost of the conflict would further retard India's economic development.

    • When terrorism is used by a State as a low-cost weapon to achieve its strategic objective, what works against it is the ability and the determination of the victim State to hurt the interests of the State-sponsor in order to make it a high-cost weapon for the wielder.

      State-sponsored terrorism withers away when the villain State is made to realise that it will have to pay a heavy price for its sponsorship.
    • The need of the hour is a counter proxy war doctrine incorporating its political, diplomatic, economic and covert components and its implementation in a determined and consistent manner. The results would not come dramatically, but slowly and almost imperceptibly.

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