Monday, February 15, 2010

Organiser - Reservation at the cost of Hindu tax payers is criminal looting

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    • Reservation to Muslims in West Bengal
      Reservation at the cost of Hindu tax payers is criminal looting
    • Dr Pravin Togadia
    • Dr Togadia said the Hindus are being exploited in every field like education, employment, bank loans, trade facilities, housing and so on. "From Inheritance Act to Marriage Act, all laws are only to trouble Hindus. Essential food costs have gone so high that even well-to-do middle class families are no more able to feed their children even a cup of milk daily and now there is Muslim reservation burden on the Hindus.
    • He termed the move unconstitutional and expressed concern that this would encourage not just conversions but also jehadi incidents. He said, "Those who argue that Muslims are poor in Bharat and therefore they turn to jehad, are living in a fool’s paradise. Pilots, engineers, professionals from well-to-do families are following jehad as a lifestyle based on madarsa preaching. If they are poor they do jehad by bomb and when they get rich or educated they use planes, computers against Bharat. Therefore, it will help governments to get all Hindus to avail of education, employment, trade facilities instead of wasting Hindu taxpayer’s money on inspiring jehad. When majority develops, the nation automatically develops.

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